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3 min readFeb 27, 2018


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How it all began.

Originally, Trust Wallet was created because we couldn’t find a wallet that had features that we (or any other beginning investor) needed to work with digital assets. Since the majority of the Ethereum market was taken over by ERC20 tokens, we decided to start small and build a tool to comfortably work with them. We knew that the process of manually adding tokens was too difficult, so we created a way to automatically detect any ERC20 token. In a few short weeks it generated thousands of users.

We knew that we had something special. However, to stay relevant, we needed to execute and to do the job right from the start. Unlike anything else on the market, we built Trust Wallet in native code — in Swift on iOS and in Java on Android. Why? Because we wanted to build an application that was light and simple on the surface and solid and stable under the hood.

Now that we had a great place to store tokens, we had to give our users ability to use them. That is usually done through decentralized applications (DApps), so we needed to implement a solution that that would allow us to work with them. MetaMask was too clunky and slow, limited to web — Chrome/Brave — users, so that didn’t work. We tried a couple other solutions but it soon became pretty clear that Trust Wallet, an application built with simplicity and security in mind, needed something native and fast.

First working mobile DApps browser is here!

Kyber Network (Decentralized Exchange), CryptoKitties (Collectible), Name Bazaar (ENS marketplace)

DApp browser is a culmination of many hours of effort that we put into perfecting practicality, usability and design. We created something that allows any Trust Wallet user to interact with decentralized applications (DApps) directly from the app, safely and securely. From getting CryptoKitties to exchanging tokens, through a network of partners, we allow our users to become true masters of their digital assets.

To make our users’ lives even easier, we also created a marketplace where any developer can list their mobile optimized DApp for everyone to use! We constantly maintain and adjust this open source repo of DApps to make sure that they work on Trust Browser on both iOS and Android. (Feel free to reach out to us, we can help test and optimize your DApp for mobile.)

How about an example?

You probably remember using Bittrex, Poloniex or similar exchanges on the web. They all share major security risks and general inconveniences — requiring a separate password to login, controlling your assets, operating only on desktop when the market is always active. Instead, we suggest you try KyberNetwork DApp through Trust Wallet. It is a decentralized exchange that allows you to trade a large variety of tokens in less than 30 seconds! Why should you pay network fees to transfer assets between your wallet and exchange when you can do transactions directly from your wallet?

What’s next?

The next step is to continue building relationships with DApp builders and other developers. We want to create a community of decentralized applications that can be accessed by anyone with a mobile device. So far we have been very successful at that so you can rest assured that more DApps integrated with Trust Wallet will be coming your way in the near future.

Download Trust Wallet and try it our for yourself!

Google Play Store — Android App
App Store — iOS App

Helping community by open sourcing.

We want to help the community by keeping our source code open (both iOS and previous version of Android*). Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Trust Web3 Provider — (https://github.com/TrustWallet/trust-web3-provider ) — Web3 javascript wrapper provider for iOS and Android platforms. Special Thanks to Mish Ochu for putting all this together.

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